How My Relationship Of 5Years Almost Collapsed Due To My Weight Gain. I Constantly Felt Pain In My Belly Region.  This Solution Had Helped Me And 6 Of My Friends 

How do you feel when a relationship of about 5years is about to be gone? 

How do feel when you know it's the result of an unwanted visitor in the body? 

This was my case, as it's a true life story that happened to me. Learn from it. 

My name is Bukola Adupe. I am a graduate of the university of Ibadan where i studied biochemistry. I later on moved to Lagos where i got a job and met James, my boyfriend who I have been dating for the past 5yrs.

It so happened at a point four years into our relationship when I noticed I started gaining weight in some of my body regions. At first, I thought it was because I was eating too much, so I tried reducing my food intake and doing more exercise. But I still noticed it was the same. It was as though it was in my blood to be fat. But i did not want it.

My Boyfriend Began To Complain 

James would always tell me that he never got attracted to fat ladies. This was something I found to be true. Not long after, he began to complain. He was complaining about my weight telling me to go and do something about it as I know he won't be attracted to me if I gain so much weight. I initially thought he was joking until he stopped calling or picking my calls.

I Started Feeling Pains In My Belly Region 


As though the issue of James was not enough, I started feeling pains in my belly region. This was when I began to seriously find a cure. I tried several drugs and products but none of them worked. I must say that I spent lots of money without seeing any results. I just kept on managing the pain the way it was for about four months. 

A Miracle Finally Came My Way 


One saturday afternoon, while i was at shoprite, as I was paying for what I bought, the cashier saw my face and asked me if anything was bordering me. I did not know when I began to tell her about my situation. After I finished, she smiled and told me about one of her friend that had a similar situation as mine and the product she used. She told me about this fat reducing products that her friend used.

I decided to buy it and try it out. To my surprise, the fat reducing products worked like magic. I mean, in less than 2weeks,  I have started seeing reduction in my weight. In less than 6weeks,i have seen tremendous changes. I even bought 25 pieces of this product and decided to sell. 



Relax and tone slimming massager
Slimming gel



Relax and tone slimming massager

This is a light and portable massager you can take with you on your travels, with incremental speed dial adjustment. This product will tone muscles and release tensions while you relax. A great present of even for your personal use this item does wonders.  This body massager has stylish design. It is a very powerful and quiet body massager, it not only provides an exercising effect, but also soothes and relax aching muscles due to prolong standing and sitting. It is suitable for both men and women to use.

The Relax And Tone Body Slimming Massager Helps You:

Slim down your tummy and cut down excess fat

Helping you to look sexy and slim

Tones your underarm and eliminates excess fat and flabby arms Also known as christian mother arms

You can target specific areas you want to lose fat such as your hips, thighs, side belly etc

Relieves stress and pressure from your back and shoulder 

Completely Natural, safe and without side effects

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Slimming gel

The slimming gel is a hot gel that burns off fats when rubbed on the area of focus. It is a very effective fat burn product as it has gathered lots of testimonies.

It is easily absorbed by the skin, hence it helps to burn off  unwanted fat from the body. Slimming gel contains natural red chili oil which are good for slimming effect. It promotes lymphatic circulation and fat burning while while smoothening the skin. 

How to use it 

1.After bath or shower, squeeze a small amount over at your palm.

2.Massage from the bottom up over the target area that you want to slim down. You'll feel hot after 15minutes.

3. Apply day and night and 6 consecutive days for the best results.

4. Rinse your hands after applying the gel 


See Recent Testimonies 

 I was able to burn off some fat after I began to use this product. Anyone can use it 

I used to think exercises were the only way I could shed off some fat,but I never knew that I could use a product and get the same results without having to go to the gym. A friend actually introduced this relax and tone slimming massager to me. And ever since I started using it, the result has been awesome. Nowadays, I only go to the gym ones in while.

 - Omolara Seyi from Abuja


 I started regaining my self esteem when I started using the relax and tone slimming massager. 

I am the type of lady that when I eat, I do gain weight easily. Hence, most times, I only just eat a little so that I can maintain my weight. But since I started using the relax and tone slimming massager, my self confidence has been back. I now eat normally abd have a product I use whenever my body weight is starting to increase. 

 - Nkechi James from lagos


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How To Place Your Order 


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